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PPA Names 2017 Special Award Recipients

The Perennial Plant Association is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 Special Awards. Seven distinguished leaders of the perennial industry were nominated by their peers for the outstanding impact they continue to make. The recipients were recognized during the 35th Perennial Plant Symposium in Denver, Colorado.

Cavano's Perennials, Inc. of Kingsville, Maryland received the Grower Award in recognition of one who holds high standards of production, maintains high quality plants, and provides motivation while respecting the requirements of the perennial industry.


Dr. Chad Miller of Kansas State University was presented the Academic Award. The Academic Award recognizes a Perennial Plant Association member who provides exceptional leadership in education to the industry, including professors, researchers, teachers, master gardeners, cooperative extension agents, librarians, public garden employees, and horticultural lecturers. 


Phoenix Perennnials and Specialty Plants of Richmond, British Columbia was granted the Retail Sales Award in recognition of being a commercial representative instrumental in making their business optimally progressive and successful in providing outstanding marketing and customer service in sales of perennials, including garden centers, and mail order firms. 


Marco van Noort, Marco van Noort Breeding of was recognized for excellence with the International Contributor Award.  This award is given to an individual who conducts business and resides in a country other than the United States and Canada and who has made outstanding contributions to the herbaceous perennial industry in the international arena in growing, marketing, contracting, writing, teaching, extension, research, landscaping, hybridizing, promotion, and innovation.  


Michael Heger of Ambergate Horticultural Consulting in Waconia, Minnesota was recognized with the Service Award. This award distinguishes a qualified PPA member for outstanding service to the Perennial Plant Association, one who has contributed considerable time and talent by attending meetings, serving on committees, motivating members to act on concerns within the industry, and demonstrating leadership and organizational skills. 


Ruth Rogers Clausen of received the Garden Media Award. This award distinguishes an individual representing the media including radio, television, photography, newspaper, books, and magazine publishing, etc. whose educational and promotional efforts result in a heightened public awareness of the importance of the perennial plant industry. The recipient of this award need not be a PPA member. 


Jared Hughes of Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio was named to the Young Professional Award.  This distinction is given a Perennial Plant Association member to recognize, honor, and encourage participation, achievement, and growth of an individual in the industry or to a student who is a talented and diligent newcomer. Individuals are selected based on their involvement in the PPA, their contributions to the success of their company, and their portrayal of a positive image of the perennial plant industry to the public.


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