National Symposia

The yearly Perennial Plant Symposium is the oldest and largest symposium in North America devoted entirely to perennials.  The location changes each year.  Enjoy learning about and observing perennials, gardens, and production facilities all across the USA and Canada. MORE INFO & REGISTER TODAY


Regional Symposium

In fulfillment of a mission to offer outreach education, the PPA conducts regional symposia in locations throughout the PPA membership locations.  In 2009, events were hosted in Wisconsin and Columbus, Ohio.  In 2010, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the PPA teamed up for a first-class program.  In September 2010, the Northeast Regional was held at the Elm Bank Horticulture Center of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. 2012 shows great promise for the regional symposia. In 2013, the PPA hosted a regional symposium in Baltimore, Maryland in collaboration with the Maryland Horticulture Society as well as a regional symposium in Boston, Massachusetts.

For more details, visit our Regional Symposia page.

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