Speaker Profile

Michael Heger

Ambergate Horticultural Consulting
8015 Krey Ave, Waconia, MN
Owner, Ambergate Horticultural Consulting. Mike has worked in both public and private horticulture. He spent the first fifteen years of his career at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. In 1985, Mike and his wife Jean opened a niche perennial nursery called Ambergate Gardens. Recently retired from the nursery, Mike now spends his time lecturing, writing and consulting on issues related to gardening in northern regions.

Presentation Titles
Numerous possibilities related to perennial flowers including “Best Performing Perennials for Zones 3 & 4” and “Shade Perennials to Enhance Your Landscape”. Subjects can be tailored to specific audiences.

Fee - $350 - $700 plus expenses

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